Who We Are

Universal Services Keep the Lights On… And More

Over the years, Holy Family Institute has adapted and reinvented itself to find new and impactful ways to fulfill our mission of empowering children and families.

One program that has been doing just that since 1999 is our Universal Services program, a collaboration with Duquesne Light Company. The program provides both utility assistance to customers who are struggling to pay their electric bill and case management to help them achieve stability.

HFI case managers help with more than just bills, though. With community offices in neighborhoods from Beaver Falls to McKeesport, they are able to meet clients in person to discuss their needs.

Our numerous social service programs and connections in the community allow case managers to refer their clients for additional services. Their clients are grateful, often saying things like, “Thank you, now I can breathe this month.” You can learn more at hfi-pgh.org/energy-assistance.