Holy Family Institute actively recruits employees from all backgrounds. In addition to comfortable and attractive working conditions, employment at HFI comes with an additional reward: the satisfaction of working for a good cause. Each employee plays an important role in contributing to our mission of empowering children and families to lead responsible lives and develop healthy relationships built on faith, hope, and love.

Current Openings

Holy Family Institute, a state-licensed shelter and group home, is renewing a federally-funded program to provide care and housing for children. The program began in April 2017 with potential funding for multiple years. The children will be 17 and under with the majority being ages 4 to 14. Multiple positions are available on our Emsworth campus for qualified individuals who speak English and fluent Spanish.



The Holy Family Service Corps Teaching Fellows Program offers participants a two-year service opportunity to teach in a urban school focused on a 21st century education paradigm or special education.  Participants can earn a tuition-free Masters Degree in Secondary Education or Special Education from Duquesne University School of Education.

Prospective Fellows must have an undergraduate degree in English, math, science, instructional technology, or psychology. Special Education Fellows must have a special education teacher's certification. Teaching takes place at Nazareth Prep or Holy Family Specialized Learning, depending on the Fellow's undergraduate degree and course content. Fellows must have interest and willingness to explore faith and spirituality while learning about the charism of the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth.

Program Features:

  • Obtain a tuition paid Master’s Degree
  • Connect your passion to your profession while doing meaningful work
  • Live an integrated life in community with others and experience faith sharing in the tradition of the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth
  • Build vital skills in a hands on environment
  • Learn new skills to become an educator focused on excellence
  • Hone your discipline with responsibility and reasoning
  • Spiritual immersion
  • Serve the common good
  • An ecumenical atmosphere open to diversity
  • The program is a collaboration between Duquesne University and Holy Family Service Corps.
  • Education immersion experience occurs at Nazareth College and Career Prep or Holy Family Learning
  • Teaching fellows will receive a modest stipend and room and board in a community setting
  • The program considers the whole person — inclusive of social, emotional, and intellectual development

For more information, please contact:

Lynn M. Guerra
Volunteer Program Director
Holy Family Institute

8235 Ohio River Boulevard
Pittsburgh, PA 15202
412-766-9020 x 1304