Our Programs

Holy Family Service Corps

Holy Family Institute and the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth (CSFN) created the Holy Family Service Corps to further their shared mission of spreading love to families. The program consists of three separate tracks: Nazareth Year, Holy Family Teaching Fellows, and Holy Family Social Service Fellows. We are looking for adventurous people to join our mission for educational and social service programs in the Greater Pittsburgh region!

Holy Family Teaching Fellows

The Teaching Fellows Program offers a two-year teaching opportunity for applicants to hone their discipline by teaching in an urban school setting. Based in Holy Family Institute’s mission of Catholic social justice, the program builds innovative servant teachers and provides opportunities for personal, professional, and spiritual growth.

Participants teach in Holy Family Specialized Learning, a private K-12 school serving children with behavioral or academic issues, or Nazareth Prep, an innovative Catholic high school that equips students for success in a variety of vocations.

Participants work on earning a tuition-free master's degree in secondary or special education from Carlow University or Duquesne University School of Education or a master's degree in theology from Duquesne University's School of Liberal Arts.

Prospective Teaching Fellows must have an undergraduate degree in English, math, science or instructional technology. Special Education Fellows must have a State of Pennsylvania special education teacher's certification.

Teaching Fellows serving at Nazareth Prep are expected to demonstrate a commitment to their faith tradition and to the spiritual formation of their students while exploring the spirituality and charism of the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth.

Holy Family Social Service Fellows

Prospective Social Service Fellows become part of our work in the local community to transform the lives of children and families, serving with Holy Family Institute clients to get a hands-on feel for social work. Participants work on earning a tuition-free master's degree in social work from Carlow University.

Nazareth Year

Nazareth Year is an 11-month experience serving with unaccompanied children from other countries, particularly in Central and South America. Participants receive a yearlong assignment determined by organizational need and availability. The available placement sites include Nazareth Prep and Holy Family Institute. Upon completion of the program, participants receive an education award.


Participants of all three programs live in intentional community with other services corps members on Holy Family Institute's Pittsburgh campus and receive spiritual support and development in the tradition of the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth. Within an atmosphere open to diversity and personal development, participants nurture their social, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual skills. Our program considers the whole person.

Holy Family Institute provides room and board (optional), transportation to the teaching/service site, health insurance (if needed), and a modest stipend for personal needs.

Participants in the program:

  • Connect your passion to your profession through meaningful work with students whose challenges require intentional, thoughtful support
  • Live an integrated life in community with others and experience faith sharing in the tradition of the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth
  • Build vital skills in a hands-on environment
  • Learn new skills to become an educator or social worker focused on excellence
  • Serve the common good
  • Enjoy an ecumenical atmosphere open to diversity in the service location and in the Service Corps home

Admission Requirements

  • At least 21 years of age
  • A college degree in area of service, or equivalent work experience
  • Previous volunteerism or service activities
  • Ability to make a one-year commitment for the Nazareth Year
  • Ability to make a two-year commitment for the Fellows
  • Strong physical and mental health
  • Willingness to live simply and in community with others
  • Comfort in a Catholic faith-sharing environment
  • An open heart and mind
  • Healthy sense of humor
  • Flexibility to diverse cultures and situations

Application Process

  1. Complete the HFSC Application by June 15.
  2. Email a copy of your resume to guerra.lynn@hfi-pgh.org.
  3. Share the link to our reference form to one personal and two professional references who have known you for at least a year.
  4. We will contact you to set up an online interview.

Applicants of all faith traditions are welcome to apply. For more information about any fo these programs, please contact Lynn Guerra at 412-766-9020 ext. 1304 or Guerra.Lynn@hfi-pgh.org.