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The SHORES Program celebrates National Recovery Month

SHORES web bannerAs the nation goes “Back to School,” we also take time to recognize those who are getting “Back to Life.” September is National Recovery Month. This month we celebrate individuals who have struggled with substance abuse and/or mental illness and have made their way to the path of recovery. Although we celebrate only once a year, these problems affect families all year long. Substance abuse is the most under-treated illness in America; only 1 in 10 people who need treatment receive it. The staff of the SHORES program work hard all year to ensure that clients who need help receive it. The program’s mission is to serve those who otherwise might not have a pathway to treatment.

The SHORES Program of Holy Family Institute is available to children, adults and families in Allegheny and Beaver counties for confidential assessments of suspected problems with drug and/or alcohol use. SHORES counselors are able to do assessments in the privacy of the family home, at school locations or in four office locations throughout Allegheny County. Since September is National Recovery Month, there is no better time to take a proactive stance against drug and alcohol abuse.

So what exactly is the SHORES Program? SHORES stands for Support Hours Of Recovery Ensure Sobriety. The SHORES Program is committed to providing professional treatment services to children, adolescents and adults with substance-related disorders.  Each client is viewed as a unique individual with physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs.  The detrimental effects of substance use/abuse that are frequently experienced by family members are also recognized, and addressed when possible through family or couples counseling.  All therapeutic services with clients and families are based on safety and confidentiality as well as the ultimate goal of recovery.

The SHORES Program is dedicated to the positive and continuous growth of each client, which is practiced on a day-to-day basis through its unique approach to treatment services.  Counseling sessions can occur at home, at school or in SHORES offices depending on the preference or the client/family and the type of insurance. The SHORES Program accepts medical assistance plans and many types of private insurance. The option to self-pay is available on a sliding scale for those who do not have insurance coverage for services. The SHORES Program serves a diverse population of clients, and every client is treated equally regardless of gender, race, marital status, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or economic status.

For more information, to speak with a counselor or to schedule an assessment, please call (412) 766-9020 ext 474 or referral information may also be faxed to (412) 766-7409.