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Statement on Migrant Children Facility in Erie, PA

This past week the Church community and citizens of Erie reached out with loving kindness to migrant children. These children are involved in a disaster, not of their own making, and in need of care. They are among the most vulnerable in the world as they travel to the U.S. Many of these children are fleeing violent situations and have endured a long and dangerous journey. The goal is to give them a safe and nurturing environment until they can be reunited with family members in the U.S., a period that usually takes a few weeks.

During this process, community volunteers will not be permitted on the site due to safety and the need for confidentiality. As the program evolves there may be a need to ask volunteers again to help. If you are willing to volunteer in the future, either in Pittsburgh or Erie, please fill out the contact form below and continute to check back to this website for updates. As a reminder all volunteers need to have the PA Child Abuse Clearance, PA Criminal Background Check, and the FBI fingerprint check. Additionally, we do not have a need for foster families at this time.

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