Our Programs

Stop Now And Plan (SNAP)

Offers parents treatment resources and community support to address serious behavioral issues.

Developed by the Child Development Institute in Toronto, the Stop Now And Plan (SNAP) program helps children aged 6-11 deal with serious behavioral challenges when they begin to emerge. A wide range of cognitive-behavioral techniques empower children and their parents to address complex issues like stealing, lying, fighting, defiant or impulsive behavior, and school suspension or detention. Our experienced SNAP Child Workers utilize cognitive-behavioral techniques that help children respond appropriately and effectively to anger.

Specific interventions often include individualized support, school advocacy, homework clubs, crisis intervention, and victim restitution. SNAP Child Workers also meet weekly with parents to demonstrate more effective child management techniques and connect them with families facing similar challenges.

With practice and guidance, children and parents learn to stop, calm down, and find positive solutions “at the snap of their fingers.” As the child’s behavior improves, the whole family becomes stronger.

Holy Family Institute currently offers the SNAP program to families in McKees Rocks and the surrounding areas. The program is voluntary and offered at no cost. To support our mission of hope, please consider making a donation to Holy Family Institute.