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Revitalizing a Human Spirit

In-home Services, Family Focused Solution-Based and Family Group Decision Making are programs that provide needed counseling, support and other resources to families and children to prevent abuse and neglect. An average of 96% of families in our programs who received these services were able to keep their families intact.

Take the case of Susan, a beautiful, intelligent and educated woman who is a mother, daughter, sister, friend and fiancé. However, beneath this outward visage there was also a person who had been victimized by abuse, had low self-esteem and battled depression. She began to abuse a variety of substances as a coping mechanism, which brought her promising future to a screeching halt. All of these factors interfered with her ability to effectively parent, and Children Youth and Family Services were contacted to provide assistance.

Holy Family Institute immediately offered Susan in-home services of counseling and support. She ultimately made the decision to stop abusing and entered into an inpatient treatment program. Subsequently, she has moved to a shelter that houses and supports women with children in recovery. She and her daughter are currently living in a shelter and waiting for space in a half-way housing program.

She remains sober, and credits the in-home program with giving her the push she needed to get her life back on track. She now understands the negative impact of drug addiction on both herself and her daughter. She is looking forward to a bright future where she can use her sobriety and Masters degree in Business Administration every day.