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Nazareth Prep Marching Band Donations

This year, Nazareth Prep has welcomed 83 new freshman, the largest of any class since its founding in 2014. With the growth of the student body comes the need for growth in our music department to serve the many talented musicians we have walking our hallways, and we need your help! The following is a […]

In Response to Recent News Media

On August 19th I was made aware by the news media of a lawsuit filed against the Diocese of Pittsburgh and Holy Family Institute (HFI). The lawsuit alleges that two priests abused a resident living at HFI in the 1970’s. As of the date of this posting, a lawsuit has not been served on HFI. For more […]

“The Power Of A Friend”

As we prepare to go back to school, we wanted to share this powerful testimonial to the power of mentorship! My name is Liz, and I’m a staff member in Holy Family’s Student Assistance Program. Today, I want to tell you about a young woman named Carly.* I met Carly last year when she walked into the guidance office at her school. She seemed nervous and scared. Soon, we realized that Carly only had […]

“Now We Do It Without The Reward”

Last year, after struggling with opioid use for years and losing custody of their young daughter, couple Nick and Jesse enrolled in HFI’s Home-Based Family Recovery (HFR) program, which enables families to remain together while parents recover from substance use disorder. The two have since completed the program, with Nick finding a good job and […]

“A Commitment To Change”

When Holy Family Institute opened the doors to our Shores Program in 2000, our goal was simple: help neighbors recover from drug and alcohol use in a safe, supportive environment. Caring For Everyone Anyone can struggle with drug and alcohol use, but not everyone can find affordable, accessible treatments. Our clinicians help children, adolescents, and […]

Resources for National Alcohol Awareness Month

Have you ever overindulged and regretted it later? Although we live in a “more is more” culture where excess is celebrated, consuming too much alcohol can cause serious mental and physical damage. In recognition of National Alcohol Awareness Month, here are some resources and information for anyone who wants to learn more about the risks […]

“Meeting Clients Where They Are”

Inside Home-Based Family Recovery Most of the parents who enter HFI’s Home-Based Family Recovery service are thinking about their families. The innovative program helps parents recovering from substance use provide a safe, healthy, and nurturing home for their young children. Participation is free, but the program requires a significant commitment of time and energy. “It’s […]

Celebrating World Day of Social Justice

As a ministry of the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth, Holy Family Institute participates in the rich tradition of Catholic social justice. Their three pillars of their spiritual mission – faithful listening, loving relationships, and finding God in the everyday – motivate our work. Faithful Listening When life feels chaotic and distressing, it […]

Household Supplies Needed

Interested in helping neighbors in a practical, accessible way? Our CAP offices create care packages for families and are always looking for partners. Here are our most frequently requested supplies: Hygiene Items: Shampoo and conditioner Bar soap Laundry Detergent Deodorant Baby wipes Paper towels Toilet paper Household Supplies: Warm blankets Sheets and pillowcases (any size) […]