About Us

Mission & Values

Our Mission

Rooted in the rich tradition of Catholic social teaching and the heritage of the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth, we empower children and families to lead responsible lives and develop healthy and meaningful relationships built on faith, hope and love.

Our Values

Together with our Mission Statement, our values guide our decisions and actions on a daily basis.

Faithful listening is a way to claim and celebrate our identity in life and ministry; a way to hear the voices (new and old) within our hearts and within our world as a call to growth and development; a way to let God's Spirit overshadow us and our ministry for mission.

"Love" is the very heart of Nazareth, modeled on the relationship among Father, Son and Spirit in the Trinity and among Jesus, Mary and Joseph in the Holy Family. The selfless, life-giving love of an infinitely generous God compels us to form loving, compassionate and reverential relationships in our personal and professional lives. Since the family is the first school of love, we are committed to the strengthening of family life in whatever ways we are able.

We are building God's reign of love in our world, step by step, moment by moment, here, in this place. The people we encounter are the sons and daughters of God. We must know and understand that. The more we recognize that God is in the daily, the more compassionate and caring we will be. We will act from a transformed consciousness.

Stained glass window with Jesus and children