What We Do

Family Focused Solution Based Services

Keeping children safe and families strong through preventative, evidence-based intervention.


Our Family Focused Solution Based Services are designed for families impacted by serious emotional and behavioral issues, including depression, ADHD, anxiety disorder, trauma, or oppositional defiant disorder. Preventative in nature, this program strives to reduce the risk of psychiatric hospitalization, out-of-home placement, and developmental delay.

Many families are coping with unhealthy behavior patterns, conflict between parents and children, or reunification issues when a child returns from out-of-home placement or foster care. We work to address the needs of the entire family, not just individuals. Together, families and therapists find solutions ranging from as simple as arranging for a babysitter to as complex as finding an appropriate school for a child.

Our team works closely with families, inside their homes, to develop a treatment plan that builds on their strengths and addresses identified needs. This supportive process empowers families to care for themselves by overcoming their unique emotional, relational, and behavioral struggles.

The generosity of our supporters puts programs like Family Focused Solution Based Services in reach of the families who need them most. To join us on our mission of hope and healing, please consider making a donation.

For more information about this service, or to request an appointment, please call 412-361-2570 or email welsh.pamela@hfi-pgh.org.


Drug and Alcohol Counseling

Licensed drug and alcohol program that provides primary substance abuse treatment, recovery, support and counseling services for children, adolescents and adults.

Mental Health First Aid

Trains individuals to identify, understand, and respond to signs of mental illness or addiction to help someone in crisis or experiencing a mental health concern. Offered training includes Adult and Youth Mental Health First Aid.

Mental Health Counseling

This program is designed for children, adults and families who need assistance in improving their quality of life while continuing with their jobs, family life and education.

Home-based Family Recovery

An intensive and comprehensive in-home program for families that include a caregiving parent with recent or active substance use and a young child who is at risk of removed by the Department of Children, Youth, and Families.