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Christmas Message from Sister Linda Yankoski

Greetings Friend of Holy Family Institute, 

I often wonder at the timing of Christmas. I understand the current date was decided by church officials sometime in the year 336. As I think about Christmas and the celebration of Jesus being born into our world, I think this celebration at the end of one year and close to the beginning of a new year has some merit for our modern world. 

New life begins close to the dawn of a new year. For us this year, the dawn of a new decade. We hear so much negativity these days. The current political situation, the loss of civility, the other driver, the weather, you name it.  

Into this world of negativity Jesus is born again and again. We celebrate this birth by giving gifts to others. Gifts of things are enjoyable. Especially if it’s a surprise or wanted. Gifts of time with family is precious and should be savored. 

Here at Holy Family Institute we are striving to live three values that I offer to you and your families as gifts for Christmas and the new decade. 

The value of faithful listening. Take some time to slow down, be patient, and listen for the feelings behind the words. When we listen deep enough something new might be born. 

The value of loving relationships. Spending time with your family and friends will nourish you more than you realize. Realizing that all human beings are members of God’s family. That all people regardless of zip code, religion, race, sexual orientation, age, health status, have equal dignity and deserve to reach their full potential. 

The value of recognizing God in the everyday. Most of our time is spent doing ordinary routine activities, eating, sleeping, commuting, working, laundry and other cores. For many of us work is the prevailing presence in our waking lives. Finding meaning, inspiration, and trusting God in the present moment can transform even the most mundane tasks. Can even lead us to finding the good that is everywhere. But we have to find it, look for it, and call it into being.  

In this season of joy and reverence we wish you and your family a spirit of hope and optimism for the decade to come. 

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