Holy Family Institute (HFI) is a 120-year-old Catholic organization that employs over 350 people in Armstrong, Allegheny and Beaver Counties. HFI provides help, healing and hope to over 35,000 local children and families annually through 16 social service and educational programs such as NAZARETH PREP HIGH SCHOOL. Learn more about Nazareth Prep here.

HFI also operates a federally-funded program we call JOURNEY of HOPE, which provides education and temporary shelter for unaccompanied minor children (under 18). This program requires 24-hour care and supervision of children waiting to be reunited with their families or another legal sponsor. Some positions require bilingual English/Spanish skills: see Journey of Hope job descriptions for details. Additionally, up to $2,000 in sign-on bonuses are currently available for certain Journey of Hope positions, including Youth Care Workers, Clinicians, and Case Managers. Details available at time of interview.

Current Openings: Journey of hope

Current Openings: Holy Family Institute

Current Openings: Nazareth Prep


The Holy Family Service Corps Nazareth Year and Teaching Fellows programs offer recent graduates a one- or two-year opportunity to serve the community while focusing on professional, spiritual, and intellectual development. Upon completion of the program, participants earn education awards or tuition-free master's degrees. Learn more about Holy Family Service Corps here!

[January 2022: There are openings for

Nazareth Prep Teaching Fellow

Special Ed Teaching Fellow

Nazareth Year participant to serve in Journey of Hope (JOH)]

Commitment to Social Justice

Holy Family Institute and its affiliated organizations are committed to an environment that respects and values every human being and individual differences. We will invest time and resources to create an inclusive environment for all of our stakeholders. This means we will respect diversity that includes race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, education, disability, language, and sexual orientation. We also believe that we should be “Faithful Listeners” and embrace diversity of ideas, perspectives and values. We believe in providing access, opportunity, fair treatment, and advancement for all people. Believing that “God is Found in Every Day Activities” we will do our best to eliminate barriers that prevent full participation in our programs and services. We believe “Loving Relationships” means that all are welcome, all are neighbors, and there are no exceptions. With this belief we aim to create an environment in which any individual or group can feel welcomed, respected, supportive and valued.