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Back to School Preparation and Needs

What an amazing response of support for the children, youth and families in our care over the last month! We appreciate the contributions and want you to know that as we continue to serve migrant children, we are also preparing resources for the local children and families we serve as a new school year approaches.

Many of the students in our educational and social service programs have financial need that prevent them from fully participating in our workforce development programs, field trips, and after school activities. Being prepared with the right school supplies, shoes and clothing is also challenge for some of our families, as is having money for after school snacks, and even a nutritious dinner. While these things may appear small on the surface, any one of them can become a barrier to learning.

Thank you for supporting our mission to serve children and families, regardless of how they arrive in our care. We appreciate and encourage your continued contributions and donations of gift cards to help us meet the needs of all we serve. And, thank you for trusting in us to use your gifts where they can do the most good when it is needed most.

Sister Linda Yankoski, CSFN, EdD
President & CEO