Residential Services

Providing safe, supportive and emotionally satisfying environments to youth who are removed from their home due to family crisis, abuse or neglect.

Residential Services The In-Community Family Stabilization (ICFS) program strives to reduce the length of time the youth spends in placement while improving academic performance, work readiness and family stability. The family is placed at the center of all decisions regarding the youth’s treatment plan and Holy Family connects the youth and his/her family to a wide range of services, such as mental health counseling, substance abuse treatment and workforce development programs.

Community-based group homes are located in the Brighton Heights and Perrysville areas of Pittsburgh. Each home can accommodate up to 12 youth. The homes are located in neighborhoods where the youth have easier access to the resources and activities they need to establish personal responsibility and stability, such as school, public transportation and recreational activities.

The Supervised Independent Living Program provides support and case management to young adults who are transitioning from residential care to independent status.

Additionally, HFI offers emergency shelter service to children and youth who are removed from their homes until a more permanent arrangement is determined.

Children must be referred to HFI’s residential services through the county’s Children Youth and Family Services or Juvenile Probation.