SNAP® Program

SNAP® (Stop Now and Plan) is a proven program that teaches children with behavioral problems, and their parents, how to make better choices ‘in the moment’.

SNAP Program

SNAP® is designed for children ages 6-11 who have been having behavior difficulties at home, school, or in the community. SNAP® helps children and parents effectively deal with anger by teaching them how to respond in a way that makes their problems seem smaller, not bigger. With practice, children and parents are able to stop, calm down, and generate positive solutions at the “snap of their fingers.”

Specific behavioral difficulties include lying, stealing, fighting, impulsiveness, not listening, getting suspended, displaying defiant behavior and/or getting assigned to detention. The program utilizes cognitive-behavioral techniques to work toward preventing anti-social behavior. As behavior improves, the family is strengthened as a whole.

Developed by the Child Development Institute in Toronto, the program includes group sessions with fun and interactive activities;  individualized support provided by a SNAP® Child Worker; school advocacy; a homework club; crisis intervention; and victim restitution. Additionally, parents meet weekly to learn more effective child management techniques and how to help their child, as well as connect with other parents who face similar challenges.

SNAP Services – What to Expect

Holy Family Institute currently offers SNAP® to families in McKees Rocks and surrounding areas. The program is voluntary and offered at no cost.