Service Corps


Young men and women are invited to broaden their understanding and experience of FAMILY in a world that is struggling to define family. Holy Family Service Corps provides an opportunity to focus on the essentials: Community, Mission Service, Simple Lifestyle, and Spirituality.

As the number of priests and religious ministry decline, the number of lay people working in various ministries – doing mission work – increases. It is the mission of Holy Family Service Corps to offer an unforgettable experience to the next generation of lay leaders. Young adult volunteers commit one year of their lives to live in community with other volunteers. Here, they devote themselves to serving children and families; living simply and spiritually.

We are looking for adventurous people to join our mission in education and social service programs in the Greater Pittsburgh region. Open your Heart, Experience the Joy, Share the Journey, Be God’s Love!


How we differ:

  • Personal growth and professional development
  • Monthly personal living stipend
  • Community living with private bedroom
  • Transportation and food is provided
  • Eligible to receive an Educational Scholarship

Work placements:

Volunteers will have the opportunity to work in one of the following fields: social service, education, early learning program, youth mentoring, family support services, housing counseling services, senior service, etc. Currently the three work site options are Holy Family Institute, Nazareth College and Career Prep, or the Community at Holy Family Manor, all located in Pittsburgh, PA. Work placements will be made based on volunteer experience, skills, interests, and agency need.


Take a closer look at the place you will call home for a year! Holy Family Institute is located in the neighborhood of Emsworth, conveniently located only 10 minutes from downtown Pittsburgh. Click on the picture below to view a gallery of our campus and living spaces.

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Admission Requirements:

  •  At least 21 years of age
  •  College degree in area of service or equivalent work experience
  •  Generally, able to make a one-year commitment
  •  Strong physical and mental health
  •  Willing to live simply in community with other volunteers
  •  Comfortable in a Catholic faith-sharing environment
  •  Healthy sense of humor
  •  Ability to have an open heart and open mind
  •  Flexible/adaptable to diverse cultures and situations
  •  Previous commitment to volunteerism and/or service activities

Application Process:

  1. Complete HFSC Application
  2. After submitting your application, please email a copy of your resume to
  3. Send the following reference link to three people who have known you for at least a year (a combination of one personal and two professional):
  4. Once we have received your completed application, resume, and three references we will contact you to set-up a Skype interview.

For more information, please contact:

Lynn Guerra
Director, Volunteer Program
412.766.9020 ext. 304