In-home Family Services

Ensuring a safe and healthy family home environment for children and youth and eliminating the need for out-of-home placement.

In-home Family Services

Life becomes increasingly difficult for people who suffer from poverty.  Getting a job is difficult, so getting a car is out of the question.  Sometimes utilities are shut off when bills are long overdue.  Life becomes depressing and without hope.  Frustration  becomes anger, and the anger begins to seep into family life.

When HFI’s in-home family counselors begin to work with a family in their home, their goal is to find ways to address the family’s problems, so that the home is a safe and clean environment for the children and the parents can be good caregivers.

Whether the family’s issues are related to abuse, addiction, attachment disorders, grief, depression, excessive anger, anxiety or phobia, family issues, or relationship problems, the program focuses on child safety and connects the family to community resources to ensure a child-centered and family-focused plan.

The program is designed to make a difference in the lives of children and families in just 60 days. These 60 days include the development of a treatment plan, support, and counseling specifically tailored to the client’s needs. We also provide referrals to other community services for children and families requiring further assistance.

In-home family services are available in Allegheny, Armstrong, Indiana and Westmoreland Counties. Families eligible for this service must be referred by the County Office of Children, Youth and Families.