Family Focused Solution Based Services

Empowering families to overcome emotional or behavioral problems in order to care for themselves and their children.

Family Focused Solutions

The FFSB program is designed for families with either a parent or child suffering from serious emotional or behavioral problems such as depression, ADHD, anxiety disorders, trauma-related issues, or oppositional defiant disorder.

Preventative in nature, Family Focused Solution Based Services strive to reduce the risk of psychiatric hospitalization, out-of-home placement and developmental delays. The team works in close partnership with the family in their home to develop a treatment plan to build upon strengths and address the identified needs, empowering the family to care for themselves and their children.

Whether issues of conflict between the parent and the child or between the child and other siblings, reunification issues when a child returns from out-of-home placement, or even when a child is in foster care, the FFSB program seeks to address the needs of the entire family, not just an individual child or parent. The family and therapist work together to identify strategies as basic as arranging for babysitting services, or as complex as finding an appropriate school for a child. Individual and family counseling is also provided by the treatment team.