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For children and youth who have suffered emotional and/or physical abuse and neglect, words to express their feelings do not always come easy.

The HFI Cathy Pelusi Art Studio allows them the chance to express their feelings through art. Under the instruction of Mrs. Amy DiMichele, students learn and practice a variety of techniques as they explore familiar and new artistic mediums. Participating in the art program gives students more than just a chance to paint, sculpt or draw; it lets them tell their story, and begin to heal.

To ensure privacy for our students, the HFI Cathy Pelusi Art Studio uses names of colors to identify the student artists. Most of these colors were chosen by the student artists themselves. Other times, students call upon their fellow artists or instructor to help in choosing a name. This process involves deep thought and reflection of the student artist’s personal preferences and personality, thus giving the viewer a glimpse of the artist’s inner being.

The ONE VOICE art newsletter, written by instructor Amy DiMichele, showcases the lessons, field trips, and art projects enjoyed by the student artists.

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