About Us

Since 1900, children and families in our community have benefited from the work of Holy Family Institute.

Holy Family Institute provides help, healing, hope and support to children and families in western Pennsylvania. From alternative learning environments and career training, to families in need of support and counseling – including help with addiction, alcoholism and other debilitating problems – Holy Family is here. In 2014 alone, more than 27,000 families and children were able to improve their lives with the help of our donors and volunteers.

The families we serve often have experienced significant trauma in their lives and need caring and support in order to heal. For this reason, Holy Family maintains a trauma-sensitive culture throughout our programs and services.

In order to accomplish our mission to serve children and families and crisis, we work to generate funding for our programs and collaborate with community leaders and organizations to tap the best resources available to serve them. We provide care within the community to ensure that families have all the tools they need to thrive, with easier access to the resources they need to establish personal responsibility and stability.